Saavan:- Most Romantic Jodi

Most evergreen and romantic couple on Indian Television so far.... They are the perfect couple....Their love is eternal...

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    Post  Lucky on Fri 11 Mar 2011, 9:13 pm

    |[SaaVan Fan Of The Week #4]| Fotw

    Hello Peeps! |[SaaVan Fan Of The Week #4]| 917515 |[SaaVan Fan Of The Week #4]| 917515

    We are back with our next
    SaaVan Fan of the Week!!

    This member can be regularly found here.

    [b">She's witty, intelligent, smart, funny, and very friendly.
    It only takes her a few minutes to get to know someone
    from inside out.

    Guessed that by now, haven't you?

    Yes!! It is none other than our very own and dear,
    mirchi_tirchi aka Amisha

    Congratulations,mirchi_tirchi (Amisha )!
    |[SaaVan Fan Of The Week #4]| 917515 |[SaaVan Fan Of The Week #4]| 917515 |[SaaVan Fan Of The Week #4]| 917515

    Hope you enjoy this special week as much as possible.

    We sure are looking forward to getting to know you much more.

    Some questions for you:

    Your favorite:
    Actor (bollywood)-
    Actor (hollywood)-
    Actress (bollywood)-
    Actress (hollywood)-
    What is your occupation/career?
    What is your dream career?

    Alright guys.. I am going to hand this over to you all.

    Fire away with your questions for mirchi_tirchi (Amisha).
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    Post  maris08 on Fri 11 Mar 2011, 9:29 pm

    Amisha congrats for being the saavan fan of the week.. A well deserving hot seat cheers cheers cheers Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy .... Will post my ques later...

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    Post  Guest on Sat 12 Mar 2011, 1:01 am

    Shocked wow thanks Lucky ! Very Happy I feel so special ! <img src=" longdesc="65" />

    Ok answering the first set of questions....

    Your favorite:
    Color- black & pink
    Cuisine- Mexican, Italian, Indian
    Drink- Non-Alcoholic or Alcoholic Watcha doin\'
    Quote- People spend too much time finding other people to blame, too much energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past, and getting on with their lives.

    - J. Michael Straczynski

    Actor (bollywood)- Shah Rukh Khan
    Actor (hollywood)- Orlando Bloom
    Actress (bollywood)- Madhuri Dixit
    Actress (hollywood)- Angelina Jolie
    What is your occupation/career?- Physical Therapy/Nursing
    What is your dream career?- To become an effective healthcare professional - be it a Physical Therapist or a Nurse
    Very Happy

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